Law firms make up a $394 billion industry, which suggests that there’s no shortage of options and plenty of competition to go around. If you run or work for a law firm, you need a strategic approach to win customers.  

It takes stellar web design, content, and search engine optimization (SEO) to get results. The latter is the most important form of marketing today. 

Studies show that 53% of traffic that can be tracked results from organic search. Finding the help of an online marketing law firm will help you get premium results from your SEO services,

The information below will show you how SEO services for lawyers can take your brand to new levels. 

The Power of SEO

Each day, there are 8.5 billion searches on Google. This alone exemplifies the power of SEO and why you should invest in the best tools resources, and services. 

Since Google is most people’s gateway to information, ranking highly in Google’s search engine results pages (SERP) will serve as a sound investment. 

SEO services are popular because these pros often offer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. A good CRM helps law firms stay organized, communicate, and generate fresh leads. Harnessing technology and tackling SEO goals is a powerful combination that can help your firm compete with the best in your field.  

It’s also important to understand the dos and dont’s of law firm marketing so that you can reach your target audience.  

The Importance of Keywords 

Keywords are a critical building block for your SEO strategy. These are essential elements of actual search queries that your target audience will make.

By creating these matches, it optimizes all of your content so that people can easily find it on Google.

You will generally need to use short-tail or long-tail keywords. As the names suggest, short-tail keywords consist of a few words, while long-tail keywords consist of phrases or complete sentences.

Getting the right keywords requires diligence and research. But the results are worth it if you can use these SEO keywords to stand out from your competitors and gain a greater share of the customer base. 

These rankings change over time, so investing in SEO keywords is something that you’ll need to keep recommitting to for the sake of your law firm’s visibility. 

You Will Connect With the Right Crowd

In today’s busy digital landscape, it’s all about finding your crowd. Rather than trying to target everyone, look for the customers that you connect with best. SEO is built for this since keywords connect you with people searching for what you offer. 

Finding your audience through SEO for law firms can increase the number of consultations you get by upping your site traffic. 

It Builds Brand Trust

By using keywords correctly, you’ll grow your law firm’s visibility and profile. People searching for what you offer will keep seeing your law firm name pop up, which builds incredible brand trust. It can increase the number of referrals that you get, which can bring in more revenue. 

Working with an SEO agency for lawyers will help you take the traffic that you receive and get conversions.  

You Can Standout Within Your Niche

Most law firms have a niche that they specialize in. Hiring SEO services for lawyers can help you market within this niche with highly specific keywords. 

Use a CRM to create a keyword database. This database can include several keyword lists that you can use in different campaigns. It can also keep tabs on your rankings and you’ll have volumes of notes to comb through. 

Having dedicated law firm SEO services and access to marketing solutions can help you win more attention in areas that aren’t yet oversaturated. Your firm gets a constant influx of leads that will help with your objectives. 

Keywords Are Location-Centric

Geography is a key aspect of law firm marketing. Attorneys hold State Bar designations and typically have local focuses. Your keywords should reflect this when trying to win customers in the area.

Services that offer SEO for law firms can help you craft a stellar local SEO campaign. These pros will hone in on mobile customers as well since this is where many of your leads will come from. Most people in need of legal services start by searching for specialty lawyers within a certain mile radius of them. 

You’ll need to use local keywords, geolocation analytics, and an optimized Google My Business page to get the results that you want.  

They Help You Study Your Customer Base

With law firm SEO work, it’s not just about making it easier for customers to find you, you’ll also have the opportunity to study your customers. The analytics that you receive will teach you about people’s location, age, gender, interests, and other information. 

Having access to these variables will pay off because you’ll learn more about your customers and what they’re looking for. Retaining SEO services for law firms will give you the chance to take this information and make it count.   

Knowing your customer is fundamental to any types of SEO services you’re hoping to build a campaign around. 

It’s a Strong Form of Passive Marketing

One of the greatest reasons to invest in SEO for your law firm is that it’s a strong form of passive marketing. Other types of marketing require a constant hands-on approach to get direct results.

SEO lets you set the tone with keywords and watch the traffic keep coming in a long time from now. Rather than actively going after customers, potential customers will find you.

Get Professional SEO Service

You’ll get the most from your keywords when you hire a pro. Look for references from other law firms to see what agency they use for their marketing services.

Here are some things you should talk about when you book your consultation with a marketing company.

Understand the Important Keyword Metrics

SEO Keywords have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you can track to know whether your campaign is succeeding or failing, and to what extent. 

Some of the most important SEO keyword KPIs include:

  • Organic conversions for follows, sales, and other actions
  • Google SERP ranking 
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Success and analytics for your Google My Business page
  • Cost per acquisition

Do a bit of research on these KPIs so that you understand them and their importance. You’ll go into your consultation prepared to ask your prospective SEO firm how they can help you with each. Gauge the answers that you get to make sure that you make the right hire.  

Contemplate Your Content Strategies

When it comes to SEO, the keywords are the ingredients and the content is the soup. As a law firm, having a blog is one of the best vehicles for your keywords.

Use the keywords to create topics that are likely to resonate with your audience. Your content should be informative and authoritative. Make sure that the posts are evergreen and well-researched.

Write with a professional and personable tone, making sure to provide value with each post. Your posts should include a combination of primary and secondary keywords. The inclusion of these keywords, along with a strong backlinking strategy can help your firm generate more traffic.

End your posts with calls to action that point people toward your services.

Improving the way your legal firm markets can help you grow your reach one post at a time. Keywords help supercharge your content and make you more likely to get new visitors.

In addition to blog content, you should also use your keywords to bring more views to your videos, garner engagement on social media, and get clicks for your ads.  

Choose an Agency That Understands Law

The agency that you hire needs to also have a strong understanding of the legal business. It’s such a wide field and each facet is so different from others.  

Keywords help differentiate, which is important since there are many different legal disciplines. Examples of legal specialties include:

  • Criminal law
  • Personal injury law specialties (car accidents, spinal cord injuries, truck accidents, worker’s compensation, etc.)
  • Tax law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Family law

You’ll get watered-down results if you’re just arbitrarily using keywords without any rhyme or reason. Firms that understand your specific area of law can help you come up with topics to create content for and keywords that can increase engagement.

Understand How to Source Keywords

Discuss keyword research with the firm to learn more about how they source their keywords. An agency that understands the importance of keywords will consistently have new options for you to use to keep your brand visibility high. 

Agencies can create workflows that will help you get the best return on investment (ROI) from your marketing efforts. They’ll get you up to speed with the CRM, brainstorm new marketing goals, and create campaigns that align with your goals. 

The more frequently your agency can find new keywords, the easier it’ll be to streamline this process. These professionals typically use a combination of free and paid tools, along with their expertise in the industry to identify target keywords. 

Make Your Brand Stand Out Organically 

Always ask the SEO agency about how they can make you stand apart from the competitors and their other clients. This means assessing what your company does best and what attributes are the biggest part of its story.  

For example, it’s one thing to optimize your brand for general keywords like “family law” or “divorce”. However, if your firm specializes in things like father’s rights or cooperative divorce, you’d do better to get more specific. 

Create some customer personas that will help you use your keywords more effectively. Talk to the firm about the tone of your brand and make sure that it’s consistent.

Many SEO firms have full-time writers on staff that can be dedicated to your campaigns. By working with the same pros, the tone will be uniform throughout the many different pieces of content that they create. 

Don’t Forget About Voice Search

Tech-savvy marketing firms are more likely to get you the long-term results you need to rank highly and win customers. Google algorithms, hardware, and social media platforms all change regularly. Any firm you work wth should understand the most popular trends, while also having enough foresight to predict what’s on the horizon.  

One of the biggest trends today is to search Google by using voice commands. People conduct voice searches from their smartphones, home pods, and even kitchen appliances today. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are only getting more popular, so this trend is likely to continue. 

Knowing this, you should work to optimize for voice-related searches. People speak differently than they write, so you should use shorter, more natural phrases when you’re targeting voice searches. It’s a growing segment of potential traffic that you’ll want to keep taking advantage of as your law firm grows. 

The Importance of SEO Services for Lawyers

If you need SEO services for lawyers, the tips above explain what you should know. A credible law firm SEO company is the only thing missing from your approach. Hiring marketing pros can help you stand out from your competition in the legal field so that your firm can thrive for years to come. 

Venn Digital Marketing has the skill and capacity to help you with all of your campaigns. We’d love to show you why we’re tops among the different law firm SEO companies in the area. To connect with us, send us a message or call (815)272-2603.