Success Stories

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Daniel Bai

Life Effect Centers and CloseforChiro

Venn Digital Marketing has the unique ability to get stuff done. This may seem like an expectation from a marketing professional, but it is not. I’ve worked with more than a dozen online marketing agencies and freelancers and most of them fail to deliver even on what is generally expected.

They also have the uncanny ability to stay ahead of market forces at play and execute accordingly.

Lastly, Venn gives us the freedom to do what we do best, create content, cultivate our market and most importantly, serve our ideal clients.

Desirée Van Bogart

Desired Health Chiropractic

Venn Digital Marketing has reinvented marketing for my chiropractic clinic. They are focused on bringing quality, targeted leads to my office.

It is refreshing to have marketing that honors my brand and brings value to my services, instead of offering a cheap deal. I now get patient leads that I actually enjoy working with! And even better, these leads are looking for quality health care and are willing to pay for my services.

I recommend Venn if you are looking for quality new clients that will sustain a successful business in the future through referrals and ongoing services.

Brian Davis

Venn has the unique ability to think like a business owner, project manager, and implementer. They can understand the big picture and quickly see or identify what needs to happen within the details to ensure the big picture can be achieved or realized.

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